Solving Common Hard Tap Water Problems With Water Softening Equipment

In phoenix water softener installation can be done by expert plumbers ready to help area residents get the hard minerals out of their tap water. Those minerals aren’t noticeable coming out of the tap, but their presence is recognized by the buildup of hard scale along plumbing features. Water with minerals is commonly referred to as hard water, while no mineral content characterizes soft water.

Mineral Content

The Phoenix area has high levels of calcium and magnesium in the municipal water supply, which is a very common problem throughout the United States. When it comes to water softeners phoenix residents want to make sure they get high-quality products for an affordable price. They want equipment that’s easy to maintain as well.

Computerized Systems

In regard to the best water softener phoenix residents will expect a computerized system that recharges only as needed, not simply because a specific day of the week has arrived. Older softeners were set to recharge once a week at a certain time and day, whether or not a certain number of gallons had been used. Owners could manually override the system, but that was inconvenient.

The Recharging Process

Recharging uses sodium pellets from one tank to create brine that washes away hard minerals that have been caught by resin beads in the other tank. This process must take place once the beads have become saturated with minerals or the water coming from the tap will no longer be soft.

System Maintenance and Repair

Once they have a water softener phoenix residents must learn how to maintain the system. They must check the salt tank now and then, and add more pellets as needed. Ideally, the tank won’t ever be less than half full. A sodium tank that gets very low can develop a hard salt bridge on the bottom that the owners must break up and remove.

After many years, a part like a valve may require replacement. The softener may not turn on when a component fails, or the household residents may notice that the water seems to be gaining mineral content. Replacing the parts can be done as do-it-yourself projects or handled by workers from a company such as Allegiance Water, which may have been the service that installed the softener originally. It’s also possible that after many years of use that the resin tank will need to be exchanged with a new tank, as the beads can eventually lose their effectiveness.


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